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    Mint Mined Reserve originated as a play off of the Federal Reserve, along with a Mined/Mind concept. Mint represents excellence, and the need for a mint mind if you’re going to make your dreams happen.

    The owl is our signature logo, and it replaces the eagle in our Reserve. It represents wisdom and knowledge, which are necessary on the road to success. The tools are illustrated with the use of mining tools underneath one of our owls, and they rep our slogan, Dig Deep.

    MMR is the acronym logo for Mint Mined Reserve, and an arrow is incorporated to also rep the slogan, Dig Deep.

    The number 11 represents an inner knowledge and awareness that you have not tapped into (your Reserve).

    This clothing line was created as our canvas to let like minded individuals with dreams know that those dreams can become reality.

    For our dream to inspire your dreams..to awaken your inner grind and unleash the greatness that you know is within you..to elevate your "Mined"...Dig Deep.

    That’s what it’s all about. So from one DreaMMR to the next, we just want to let you know that you got this, and encourage you to go after whatever your dream may be.